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Olivia Hospitals PVT Ltd commenced operations in Akkaraipattu on 3rd July 2020. Oliva Hospitals has revolutionized the healthcare industry in this region through infrastructure development and advancement of its’ services, with a view to delivering healthcare that is on par with national developments in medical technology.

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The patients can be assessed and can undergo a range of investigations during a single visit. This allows most patients to be diagnosed on the same day and either be reassured and discharged or offered appropriate treatment.

The Urology DEPARTMENT opened for treatment related to problems of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra and the genitalia. The centre offers detailed assessments and diagnostics, timely treatment with cutting edge medical technology for the treatment of urological diseases. The centre has a number of dedicated urological surgeons, general surgeons and consultant radiologist to conduct diagnostic scans.

With an ever increasing older population, there is a considerable increase in disease and mortality associated with genito-urinary related diseases in Sri Lanka. Therefore a larger number of people are now in need of investigations, radiological investiga tions and genitourinary tract related procedures and surgeries.

  • US Scan – KUB
  • Prostate Biopsy

Flexible cystoscopy – A procedure for the detection of any problems in the bladder using a flexible telescope and for minor procedures

  • E.g. Stent removal